Deep Sleep - Delta  Download

Deep Sleep - Delta Download

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Actual running time of each title approximately 30 to 40 Minutes

Brainwave entrainment with binaural beats consist of one beat being delivered to the left ear, while a different beat is delivered to the right ear. The brain takes both beats & mixes them together creating a whole new beat. This promotes relaxation & hemispheric synchronization in the brain. Most of the programs in Brainwave Rhythms I are isotronic beats which do not absolutely require headphones, but they are recommended. Isotronic beats simply play at a certain pace for 5 minutes or so to allow the brain time to get into synch with it by mirroring that pace. Then the programs are designed to slow or speed up the pace gradually, leading the brain to follow the beats into a deeply relaxed state, or whatever level of brainwave activity is ideal for the goals of the session.

The Deep Sleep session uses isotronic beats consistent with delta brainwave activity which is the level of activity for deep, restorative sleep. Delta level relaxation is so deep that even the subconscious mind takes a break from cognitive functions, dreams, etc. – leaving only enough power on to run the visceral functions (heart, lungs, other vital functions.) Delta level brainwave activity is associated with deep, restful, and restorative sleep. It is regarded as the optimal healing sleep because little or no energy is being used for conscious processes leaving more energy to devote to system maintenance and healing.