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Slim Thinking - Download

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Slim Thinking

The Slim Thinking Session helps you enjoy your food more because YOU make the decisions – not the addictive drive to eat. You may sometimes feel overwhelmed with the desire to eat, knowing you’ll feel guilty and bloated later but right now the food is all that matters. Naturally slim people don’t think like that. Length:approximately 20 minutes.

Each of the Healthy Living weightloss programs below consist of background music, a 5 to 8 minute “pre-talk” regarding tips on the subject followed by a 15 to 20 minute hypnotic relaxation exercise designed to help the listener to induce a deep state of relaxation… then offering the listener mental programming imagery and affirmations appropriate to the topic at hand — right at the point were the mind becomes most open and receptive to visual and auditory suggestions and imagery for healthy living. (the pre-talk may be skipped after the first few plays)

By downloading these MP3 files you can listen on your your MP3 Player and other mobile devices without having to stream from the internet. You will also be able to use your earbuds or headphones. Use them while you workout and to help you get to sleep at night!