Thaw - Freedom from Frozen Feelings (Printed Book)

Thaw - Freedom from Frozen Feelings (Printed Book)

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THAW - Freedom from Frozen Feelings is a book about the emotional wounds of abandonment, shame, and contempt created by growing up in a less-than-nurturing family. If you experience abandonment issues, emotional flooding, toxic shame, a pattern of dysfunctional relationships, or you help people who do, THAW - Freedom from Frozen Feelings is a "must have."

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Growing up in a less-than-nurtuing family has consequences that persist into adulthood and frequently wreak havoc in our most intimate relationships. Abandonment issues, toxic shame, and/or angry outbursts can be triggered at anytime. When the emotions subside, the logical part of us is usually at a loss to explain why these "triggers" occur, feeding the shame associated with unmet needs from childhood. Thaw - Freedom from Frozen Feelings has been praised by hundreds of readers as a book that lays out a precise map for tracing these emotional themes and abandonment issues back to their roots. Awareness is 60% of change - action is the other 40%. Take action today; read this book and identify the origins of your relationship problems.

THAW - Freedom from Frozen Feelings outlines the wounding process experienced by those who were raised in a less-than-nurturing family; how those emotional wounds show up in various personal and interpersonal problems in adulthood. An innovative, easy to understand, integrated model of addiction, codependency, enabling relationships, Adult/Child Syndrome and other manifestations of emotional abandonment is presented. Moderate to severe cases of abandonment comes from situations in which the child does not fully or consistently get their emotional dependency needs met such as when the child lives in a shame-based family system. In such families the children get messages of disapproval through constant criticism rather than messages of approval and warmth. A shame-based family system is characterized by the parent’s use of shame to provide direction.