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Android Energy - Download

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Android Energy

Android Energy gets you into an invigorated “Zone” state very quickly for an awesome workout. And every time you use them they are teaching your brain to produce this zone-state more easily and quickly, eventually on demand for some people. Another benefit includes being able to sleep easier and deeper at night because the more time you spend in “uptime” beta-level brainwave patterns during the day, the easier it is to drop into the “downtime” trance of theta and delta level sleep

There are 6 versions of EzyEnergy. The difference from one to the next is the background music. Having a diversity of background honors the left-brain’s desire for novelty and preference. There will be two to three titles that you attach to above the others due to preference, but will want to listen to them all for the sake of variety. The beats are all the same because the goal is always the same – optimal brainwave activity for motivation and energy. Even listening when you are not working out has benefits in that it stimulates blood flow in the brain which naturally helps to produce more energy because the blood carries both glucose and oxygen – the ingredients the brain uses to create and convert energy.